Monday, October 28, 2013

Little Update...

On Wednesday we celebrated my biggest brothers 24th birthday! We stayed at my Gramma's place in Helena for five days.  We had so much fun...
Apparently you're never to old to get excited over cool stuff ;)
My sister and her son Dillon came to hang with us...
Peanut loves her nephew!
I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family!!!
Goodbyes are one of the things I really hate.  I had to say goodbye to my two older brothers and big sister this week...   :(
My oldest brother Greg (left) hasn't been traveling with us for a few years (it's still hard saying goodbye); I really miss him when we're traveling. 
 Eli(right) got a seasonal job; this is the first year he'll be on his own (I'm a little worried!LOL!) but thankfully he will have his brother keep him in line ;)
You don't realize how much you love someone till they're gone...
(This isn't us, but we can relate)

I love you guys so much! You mean so much to me. Thanks for every thing you've ever taught me!   Try to stay out of trouble, and don't do anything stupid ;) and try not to miss me too much ;)
Your Loving SisterBethany 

Monday, October 7, 2013

I know I haven't blogged in a while, we've been busy trying to get ready to head south for the winter.  We're leaving in just a few days!  I can't believe how fast this summer went by. 
Here is a video Eli put together on the camping trip we took to Wise River about a week ago...
Here are some pictures of our summer...

Camping at the fairgrounds with The Lundy 5!

A day at park lake...

Celebrating Gramma's birthday in July...

Molly and her cousin Kinley...


(No comment)   ;)

Working the firework stand...

Hanging with my nephew, Dillon... 


I'm gonna miss this guy :(
I'm a little sad about leaving (like every year) But, new adventures are waiting!
Till next time,


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Party and a BBQ!

This week has been pretty fun for the Ticknor Tribe so far! 
My baby sister Molly turned 4 on Sunday! (not much of a baby anymore)
I can't believe she's already so big :(
We bought a Costco cake (the best kind) and bought some colored icing to write "Happy Birthday Molly"
She really didn't care about the cake that much though; she kept eyeing the gifts and saying "can we do presents now?" 
With all the kids crowding around Molly watching her open her gifts, it was hard for Caleb to see.  So big brother Greg came to the rescue!  
Molly was pretty excited when the time for presents finally came!  She got a new Bitty Baby, some outfits for it, a Bitty Baby car seat, and also a coloring book from Emma...
She really loves her new baby!  She carries her around all the time!
Another thing that we did this past Monday was to help out with a BBQ the friends we are staying with were having!  We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, roasted three turkeys, and had numerous kinds of salads...
Emma was glad that she got to reconnect with a girl she met in the nursery at church (none of our kids go to the nursery, but the church was in need of workers last week, so Emma and I volunteered)
  They where inseparable all evening! If you saw one, the other was not far behind...
One of the families that were coming thought it would be fun to bring a bounce house for the kids to play in!
They really enjoyed it! they played non-stop for hours with the other kids there.  We had a few minor injures (head bonks, etc...) but nothing so bad that they didn't get over it in five minutes and get right back in! LOL!
(Love the fact that Molly is in midair in this picture!)
I think we estimated that there were around 50 people that came; some people from church, and some just friends...

Well...other then that, that's pretty much all that's happened with us.  We are thinking about heading out to one of our favorite camping places out in the boonies in a week or so!  We only ever get there once a year, sometimes not even that.  Definitely going to do a blog on that, maybe two or three!!! 
Till next time~

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Week...

Here are some random pictures of this past week...
Dad and the boys washed and waxed the RV.  It took a few days ;)
My smart Daddy figured out how so remove all the black scum/stains!
Even Caleb helped!

It looked great when we finished.   Almost like new!!!  ;)

Another thing the boys (Thomas, Daniel and Joel) have been doing is making Hula-Hoops!  They spent hours outside making them!  They are going to try to sell them at our local Farmers Market this Saturday.
They assemble them all on their own. After they get the hoops together, the decorate them with colored electrical tape... 

And on top of all that fun, My awesome, amazing, wonderful, handsome brother Greg got back from training last night!!!!  We're so glad to have him home for a few months, we really missed him ;)

It's been a good week so far :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cliff Jumping!!!

About a week ago, Eli, Jake and a few of their friends went cliff jumping at Hauser lake!  They had such good time the first time that they wanted to go again; and there was no way us girls would let them go without taking us this time...
I can't remember 'giving' Eli my camera to use...   :)
Needless to say, we had a pretty good time, LOL!!!!
I liked the rope swing better then the cliff jumping; I felt a little more safe ;)
Some of the guys got really brave and jumped from the highest place they could find!  about 25ft. (?)
I thought they were crazy!  I think if I did that; I would probably look down, faint, and fall off anyways!
No...none of us girls went that high.
We figured we couldn't end the night without ice cream!  So we stopped at the local A&W and got a .99 snack...

Everything went really well!!! Thankfully no one got hurt.
We really had a blast!  We already talked about going back in a few days ;)

Monday, August 12, 2013

10 already?!?!?!

Yesterday we celebrated Joel's 10th birthday!
He got to open one of his presents in the morning, which happened to be a starter pack for a new WWII  miniatures game...
Needless to say, he was pretty exited, LOL!!!

That afternoon we went and saw the new Pixar movie 'Planes'!  Secrets never last long in our family, but we managed to keep this from the birthday boy all day!  He never even suspected till we pulled up to the theater. We don't go to the theater very often since it is so expensive for our family (even the matinee), so this was a treat for everyone.   We really enjoyed the movie! It was very cute, perfectly clean, and a great family movie.

Once we got home, Dad started cooking up catfish for dinner!  Gramma came out to celebrate with us, and so did Hannah and baby Dillon!!!!     

It took a while to cook up all that yummy TX catfish, but it was sure worth the wait...yum...
Living in an RV, we don't have the space to have a million people over, or a huge cake. So usually our birthdays look like this ;)
 ...we had run out of propane, so the brownies didn't get done; we just had ice cream instead. 
We try not to do a ton of presents on birthdays, since we try to celebrate the kid and not the 'stuff', so Joel got to open his last present after ice cream.  He thought the Gerber/Bear Gryllis (or whatever) machete was pretty cool... Hey! I would too ;) 
It's hard to believe that my little brother is already 10!!!  I love all my awesome siblings, I just wish they wouldn't grow so fast!!!!        Happy Birthday Joel!!!